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OncoKDM, turning cancer data into knowledge driven medicine

Comprehensive report

Import your raw data from the lab directly into our platform. In a very short time, OncoKDM will get you back a useful and comprehensive report that you can review, validate and then transfer to the oncologist.

More than just data

OncoKDM is the platform that brings together a world of information and not only makes it more accessible, but also has a real added value for the clinicians, oncologists and molecular biologists.

Make it YOUR pipeline

Imagine a solution that integrates genomics, molecular pathology, IHC test results, and clinical data. Organizes them. Characterizes them. And personalizes them for you, at the level of the analysis pipeline and in your customized report.

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Other features


Connect with one or a list of collaborators and share and discuss the report remotely and securely to make the right decision


Customize the bioinformatics pipeline, personalize the report according to your needs and specifications


Standardize your data to simplify further meta-analyses


Clinical annotation of not only the variants from NGS but also any results from any additional test

Quality Control

Get a report on the quality of your raw data


Edit and validate the report prior to submitting the final version to the oncologist

Loved by our users

Sonia Pernas

Medical Oncology Department- Head of Breast Cancer UnitInstitut Català d'Oncologia

Given the expertise of OncoDNA delivering solutions in precision medicine, we initiate this collaboration with enthusiasm to produce a specific SOLTI OncoKDM solution which will integrates the current and future molecular data types that might reveal unappreciated vulnerabilities in the tumor of AGATA patients that will allow us to tailor much better their treatment options

Philippe Aftimos

Hematologist and Medical OncologistInstitut Jules Bordet

I'm an early user of OncoSHARE, the first reporting system developed by OncoDNA. I like the interpretation system which combines DNA and RNA sequencing, pathology, immunohistochemistries,… Now with this new tool, OncoKDM, I'm very glad that our laboratory can use it to perform interpretation of our cancer data.